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Company Profile:

Shanghai Propsolar New Energy Co.,Ltd, was founded in May,2010 with professional production of Photovoltaic (PV) modules,solar storage system,DC&AC solar water pump system. We specialize in the development and utilization of new energy to provide one stop service and total solution to all global customers.

1)Standard polycrystalline solar panel PS-P660 Series (265W-285W)   

2)Standard monocrystalline solar panel PS-M660 Series(280W-300W)

3)Standard polycrystalline solar panel PS-P672 Series (320W-340W)

4)Standard monocrystalline solar panel PS-M672 Sereis(340W-360W)

5)Double glass monocrystalline solar panel PS-M660DG(60cells)

6)Double glass polycrystalline solar panel PS-P660DG(60cells)

7)Small power polycrystalline solar panel(10W-200W)

8)Small power monocrystalline solar panel(10W-210W)

Dc solar water pump system

The Inverter for AC  solar water pump system

Pure sine wave inverter&controller

Lead Carbon Battery