Why some solar panels are so cheaper?
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Yesterday We got some photos from one customer, he said his solar panels got these problems, he bought from another supplier with much cheap cost. now he needs to spend much money to replace all panels again(these panels only worked for 1-2 years) So how this happen? this problems caused by the raw material problems,there are many suppliers in the market to offer customer with cheap cost panels, why so cheap? Because their raw materials are cheaper, for example: some suppliers are using the "Tape cells" to make the solar module, what's the "Tape cells"? It is the broken cells and supplier use the "Tape" on the backside of the cells to make the broken parts together. the cost for this kind of cells is only 15%-20% cost of the good cells, this is why the solar panel is much cheaper. Some suppliers also use the backsheet,which is without "Tedlar", it will cause many problems too. With the broken cells or dark cells, there will be "hot spot" on the panels, if the diodes inside of the junction box is not good enough,it may cause the fire of the whole panels. So from these information,we hope all the customers to understand "There is no such thing as a free lunch". To choose a good supplier is very important.